Career Guidance (E-Book)

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career guide is an individual or publication that provides guidance to people facing a variety of career challenges. … The common aim of the career guide, whatever the particular situation of the individual being guided, is normally to help that individual gain control of their career and, to some extent, their life.

Advantages of Career Guidance
  • Determine Strengths and Weaknesses. When you participate in career counseling, you will undoubtedly be working with a trained expert who can give you different career assessment tests. …
  • Set objective for Greater Results. …
  • Discards confusion. …
  • Get to know the availabilities. …
  • Support and motivation. …
  • Job search support.


Career Guidance E-Book

Social learning theory of career
decision-making (sltcdm)

Learning theory of careers
choice & counselling.

Happenstance in vocational &
educational guidance.

Combo E-Book & कैरियर जत्रा (Pass).

Career Guidance Program.

Indoor fee included.

Career Guide E-Book.

One Of the best Counselors.

कैरियर जत्रा (Pass).

Frances B.
Dr. Lara

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