Wealth Mantra (Online).

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Event Name Wealth Mantra
Event Type Learn for Wealth.
Appointment Fee 250/- Only. (Book Appointment For Stock Market Related Queries and Get Stock Market (E-Book) Worth: 999/*- Absolutely Free.)
Every Day
Training details One Week Program
Session 1 Hrs :  Between 8 AM to 5 PM
Event Venue Ranchi (Online). All attendees learn from home.
Event duration 7 Days.
Entry preparation time Before 30 Minit’s
Event Language Hindi, English and other Local Language
Suitable for Stock market Invester and Traders
Ticket Rates Single: 1000/- +GST                                                  Buy in Bulk and get 15% Instant Discount
Content’s • Share Market (Basics).
• Stock tips.
• Stock chart analysis.
• Technical and Fundamental
• Meditation
• Auto suggestions
• Law of attraction
• Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
• Human Psychology
• Secrets of longevity
• Pranayama
• Mudras
• Meditation
• Health and Fitness
• Food Habits
• Create wellness anchor
• Secret of Ikigai living healthy 100 yrs
• Swiss Technique to Build
• your Self image and change
• your Beliefs Pattern
• Relaxation Visualization and
• auto suggestions
• Goal Setting & achieving Outcome
• Secrets of Wealth
• Millionaire Mindset
• Money management system
• Attract money technique
• Time Management
• Circle of Confidence
• Sleep management
• Mental clock
• Mini nap
• Memory enhancement Technique
• Peg Word
• Chunk Method
• Mind Map
• Linking Method
• Student NLP
• Walt Disney Exercise
• Point Of View( Perceptual Positions )
• Modeling Essence of Excellence
• Become a social media Influencer
• Create your future Time-line
Benefits of this workshop  Stress free life
 Claim self confidence
 Get rid of Depression
 Emotional Set back
 Happy Relationship
 Get Peak performance
 Mental strength
 Get Positive mental attitude
 Set clear goal
 Know your purpose in life
 Learn to receive cosmic energy
 Relief from diseases
 Elimination of fear and phobias
 Attract money by learning Financial Formula
 Remove Insomnia
 Waking up without alarm
 Increase memory, concentration and grasping power
 Increase your Convincing and influencing power
 Change in habits and behavior patterns
 Learn addiction removal techniques
Help And Support Call: 24X7 Helpline: +91 9570096333
Terms & Conditions Organizer Have the right to make any type of changes and and make decision according to situation.

This program fully online. All clients stay inside the home and learn from home.

Wealth Mantra
Become Successful Trader.

Learn For Health & Wealth.

Share Market Technical & Fundamental Online Training.

How to Become Successful Trader and Investor.

Learn to receive cosmic energy.

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How to Become Successful Trader and Investor.

Learn to receive cosmic energy.

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    April 11, 2020 10 AM
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    December 31, 2021 03:00 PM
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